This week I was reminiscing on how much my life has changed in the last 7 years. I remember really, really wanting my life to be different.

I was so dissatisfied with everything, from my job to my health to my love life but even though I wanted a change and even though I had come up with a TO DO LIST and a plan I found myself stuck.

I’d start on something and then stop. There was no consistency and it was frustrating because there I was, still feeling shitty about it all, nothing was changing and I couldn’t understand why.

If I wanted a change so bad, why couldn’t I stick with my game plan? What was wrong with me? Do you ever feel that way?

If this sounds familiar please know that IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT. There is a very good reason why even though you desire something, you are still feeling stuck and not following through. When I finally decided to seek expert support, I was able to see my blind spots. I began to get it.

The reason I wasn’t following through was because behind all behavior is a thought; the driving force of action. Behind every thought there is programming: old ways of being that determine action. Determined to get to the bottom of my stuck-ness I began to take a closer look at my programming.


More specifically, programming is everything you saw, heard or experienced throughout your life. Some of our strongest programming occurs when we are young, in our homes with our primary caregivers.

Looking at your programming will help you understand the root of your behavior and through greater understanding you will be empowered to make different choices, which will then lead to different results.


Take some time to reflect on what you want in your life.

What feels like it's in the way?

Ask yourself if these are your thoughts or did you pick this up in childhood.

On a piece of paper, time time to write down what you saw, heard and experienced gorwing up, specifically in regards to this.

Once you have written it out, read it outloud.

Getting clear about where your thoughts come from can help you reprogram your mind so you can create different results in your life.

(*adapted from T. Harv Eker's book Secrets of the The Millionaire Mind)

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