This has been an extremely successful and inspiring week for me because of the incredible progress my clients have made. One client, after working together for 4 months, has gotten more clear of the work she wants to do and just signed on her very first client as a self esteem coach. She is starting her purpose filled business so she can transition out of her job that lacks purpose for her. Another client was just featured in Living Social deals offering his services as a photographer. Not only is he about to be a brand new daddy but he is building and growing his passion filled business while doing it. "Wow!!" is all I have to say. This is the reason I do the work I do; to see you align with your natural talents and skills and do what you love while enriching our world with your gifts! 5 years ago being able to do this work was mostly a dream because I was stuck in a job that had lost it's meaning for me. I hit a spiritual crisis that manifested itself with sickness and depression and didn't know how to get out of it.


. Whether it's being in a difficult relationship, being unhappy with work or experiencing an illness- this situation is playing a key element in your growth. There is an ancient Tibetan quote that reads "Your pain is your path", however you can create a map for yourself as you travel along the path. Today I share with you: 3 Ways to Create a Life Map 1. Gear up your Body This cannot be emphasized more. Your body needs to feel good and be operating at optimum levels (meaning: you're well rested, have great digestion and daily sustainable energy) If you are tired or sick you won't have the store of energy and focus you need to live a life that feels good on the outside. Period. When you free up aches, pains and discomfort you have energy that you can use towards any goal. Need support with this? Check out the 28 Day Transformation program here. 2. Explore your inner landscape If you don't already do this, start to get curious about yourself and why you do (or don't ) do things. It can be easy to beat yourself up or doubt yourself. We all do this from time to time, but if you're stuck thinking the same thoughts is just going to keep you from moving forward. The next time you hear yourself saying something that feels harsh or you feel worried or frustrated - just ask yourself: "Why do I feel this way?" "How helpful is this to me right now?" "How would I rather feel?" "What can I do to feel better now?" 3. Get yourself a travel buddy When going through shifts in life or a difficult time its crucial to have someone on your side, an ally, a person who can walk with you and help navigate you through. It is also important that this person be someone other than a friend or relative, but a professional who perhaps has been where you are and knows the way to the result your are seeking. So if it's a fit body you want, work with a personal trainer, if you want to change jobs work with a career mentor, if you want to be in a loving relationship, seek out a love coach. Find a travel buddy who has what you want, because they can show you how you too can get it!

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