Two years ago I made a decision that changed my life forever. I struggled with this decision for years. I was scared to death of doing the wrong thing. What I decided was to leave my teaching career, which I had built up for over a decade. The time had come and there was no turning back.

If I had chosen to not follow through on this decision I probably wouldn’t have been able to sit here now and write this because the stress and strain of my work was making me very sick. Shortly following my resignation I spent 9 out of 12 months of 2013 nursing my body back to health and re-energizing my spirit with the growth of my business.

You know what? There hasn’t been one day that I looked back and regretted taking the leap of faith into the unknown.

I wonder, do you have a decision that you have been putting off? A decision that once you make will create a huge impact on your life? A decision that scares you?

I truly get it.

What I can tell you is that there is a way to create the courage you need. Today, I share with you 3 ways to finally make THAT decision.

1. Clean house

It will most likely be very difficult to make any important decision when your body is wreaking havoc on you. Pay attention to the pains you’re experiencing even if it’s a recurring headache. Your body is your house, it’s where your better judgement and intuition live. You cannot be clear headed to make decisions when you’re not feeling your best. Make those doctor’s appointments, pick the date for that cleanse you have been talking about. Give your body the nurturing it needs. Courage comes through with more ease when your body is feeling it’s best. Need support with this? Check out the 28 Revitalize Your Body program here.

2. Create your case for action

Fear can take hold on all of us from time to time. Fear is usually the culprit that anchors you in heavy duty procrastination and non-action taking. I find that sitting down to create your case for action will provide the motivation necessary to make moves. Sit down and write out the way things are around the issue you need to make a decision on. Write out the probable future in that area of your life if you DO NOT take action. Then write out the positive POSSIBLE outcomes that could result from you taking action. Read it every day if you have to and allow yourself to SEE what is possible if you make THAT decision.

3. Call on your higher self

You might be wondering “what does this even mean“. I almost changed my mind from writing this but here goes the best explanation I can give you. I want you to think of a time in your life that felt impossible and difficult but that in the end unfolded in a way that made sense and yet completely surprised you the way it happened. You had no idea it would turn out the way it did and in hindsight it really did fall into place. Calling on your higher self is accepting that YOU DO NOT KNOW everything. In fact, there’s a bunch of things that you’re clueless about. When mustering the courage to act, pause and let yourself ask “show me the way, give me a sign”. Then pay attention to what happens, maybe you get an email, a phone call, a random run in on the street.


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