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A 21 Day Live Journey to Grow Your Faith &

Embody the 21 Distinctions of Wealth

Join me, Monica Maria, Spiritual Teacher, and Business Mentor, on a journey to grow your wealth consciousness and strengthen your faith.

For 21 days you will access a daily 10-minute video along with an affirmation and simple exercises to help you:

  • Crush doubt and limiting beliefs around money so you can create success without the struggle.

  • Ignite deep internal shifts so you can liberate your life of the same results that have been leaving you feeling dissatisfied.

  • Step into the next evolved and expanded vision of your life and business so you can feel free and at ease. 


After going from hopeless and homeless to faithful and six figures plus in less than nine months', Spiritual Teacher and Business Mentor, Monica Maria now guides other leaders reclaim their power and take their lives and businesses to their NEXT evolution.

Monica Maria has coached alumni of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition with their health coaching businesses as well as clients around the world. 

Monica Maria has over 28 years of experience in the area of personal growth + development and 13 years of experience in the wellness business field. She is a Certified Master Reiki Healer, BioDynamic Breathwork Practitioner, Holistic Health Coach, Akashic Records' Reader, and Shamanic Healer. She holds a Master of Science in Education and Psychology.