Calling all impact-driven entrepreneurs, healers, coaches, teachers, visionaries, and creatives...


Do you desire to free yourself from the constraints of the past?


Are you unclear about how to let go of old patterns, beliefs, and habits so you can evolve, and live the next expression of your life and work?


Learn how to create a strong foundation for your success through body, mind, and spirit-based rituals and practices that can turn your challenging past into the gold that enriches your life and the lives of others!

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  1. Create daily rituals that will ground your body, ease your mind, and connect your spirit to an infinite well of healing and wisdom so you can free yourself from the limitations of the past.
  2. Use your body and breath to align with the highest version of yourself, develop your intuition and sense of knowing, so you can safely make the decisions that will confidently move you into the future.
  3. Connect to and utilize the energetic support that is always available to assist, and guide you along your journey so you can feel protected, and divinely led as you step into the highest expression of your life and work in the world.
4.  Learn how to create a strong foundation for your success so you can transform your life's tribulations into gold that enriches your life and the lives of others.

Learn how to turn your life's tribulations into gold that enriches your life and the lives of others.


I'm Monica Maria, spiritual teacher, mentor, and generational medicine woman who carries the heritage of healing in my blood.


After going from hopeless and homeless to faithful and 6 figures + in less than 9 months, I have developed the S.O.U.L. healing process which helps other leaders reclaim their power and turn their pain into GOLD. 

I utilize a variety of approaches and tools I've collected in my 28 years of involvement with the personal growth and development field plus a lifetime of intimate experience with spirituality (I grew up with a mother who was a nun in her youth!).

I'm a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Reiki Master, Clairaudient Intuitive, Akashic Records Reader, Breath Work Facilitator, and a student of Universal Law and Wealth Consciousness for over a decade. I hold a Masters of Science in Education and Psychology.

I am here to help you remember who you truly are because your spiritual evolution and fearless leadership is what our planet needs and is counting on right now!


Rediscovered Purpose, Creativity, and Drive

Working with Monica felt like a lift-off from "business as usual" on planet Earth. I was amazed at what she was able to extract, question after question, layer after layer; all of my words and ideas. Monica simply plucked the jewels and showed them to me. 


By the end, when it was all laid out in front of us, I remember a distinct moment where we looked up and into each other's eyes, and I was overcome with emotion.  Monica helped me discover the deepest purpose of my work, and how important it was that I make it happen! 


Those few hours with Monica were truly transformative, and since then I've felt my creativity and drive really blossom.

Rachael Meisels, New York City

Creative Visionary

Wealth from within & biggest jump in business in 90 days

"WOW! What an amazing mentor to have by your side. Not only knowledgeable about business but also knows the rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts that come along with breaking the scarcity mindset.

I have created the biggest jump in my business in the past 3 months. I have also able to recognize my relationship with money and how that was bleeding my business.


Monica has taught me my wealth comes from the feeling of happiness first, which has been monumental!"

Jamal Harding, New York

Lifestyle Transformation Expert

Inner blocks cleared, and biz progress in 90 days

"Monica helped me see how I have been sabotaging my success and preventing my business from moving forward. I had to get past those stumbling blocks before I could see the bigger picture of how far I could take my business. 


I am so glad to have had a mentor, like Monica to help me at this crossroads. I’m amazed that in only three short months, we have been able to achieve so much! Thanks, Monica!"

Sara D, Singapore

Health Coach and Author of Juicing for Health

From a dead-end job to doing passion-based work

"Working with Monica changed my life in ways I did not imagine. I was feeling stuck in a dead-end job for over a decade and knew I needed a change, but was afraid to take that first step. 

With Monica's support, I learned to pull myself out of my comfort zone, get to the root of my problems and what was holding me back. This was a fantastic journey of discovery and revelations.


As a result, I have been able to recognize the value of my work and harness my longtime passion for photography to own and operate my business. 


I’m eternally grateful to Monica and this experience. It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made."

Steve Maya, New York

Photographer and Designer

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