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Supporting leaders and visionaries turn pain into the GOLD 

that enriches your life and the

lives of others.

Connect with your inner wisdom and transform your past into a prosperous future.

Are you a leader, coach, teacher, facilitator, author or creative who has experienced a transition that has impacted you, your life and your work?

Perhaps you’ve experienced a setback; a physical illness, a loss, a move, changes in family dynamics, a birth, sobriety, ANY shift that has altered your identity, and this has caused you to:


  • Lose your confidence and clarity on how to create success

  • Feel stuck and perhaps hit an income plateau and you don’t understand why

  • Attract opportunities that don’t inspire you as much anymore

  • Wonder if you'll ever make the impact you set out to make with your work

I'm Monica Maria, Spiritual

Teacher, and Intuitive Business Mentor.


After going from hopeless and homeless to faithful and 6 figures + in less than 9 months, I have developed the S.O.U.L journey process that helps my clients turn their past into gold that enriches their lives and the lives of others.


Come join me on my Instagram page where I share wisdom and inspiration to motivate you through

life and business transitions

Some of the topics I cover:

How to Use transition as a catalyst for success

Turning life wisdom into content, curriculum, and offers 

Pivoting in your business with ease and grace

How to apply spiritual wisdom to personal growth and business evolution

Ancestral Healing and Plant Medicine

PLUS get exclusive invites to in-person & virtual,

events and experiences 

I can show you how to:

  • Gain clarity so you can transform your life’s journey into the next phase of your evolved success.

  • Learn to trust and believe in yourself again so you can develop your legacy work, setting you apart in your field.

  • Break out of income plateaus so you can experience more freedom and finally live the vision you’ve seen for your life and business.






Copyright 2007- 2021 Monica Maria. Monica Maria International.  All Rights Reserved.
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